Pressure Canner Testing

Pressure-canner imageDon’t forget to have the dial gauge on your pressure canner tested.  It is recommended to have this gauge tested every year. It’s also a good idea to review the publication “Using & Caring for a Pressure Canner” publication by the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

The Sauk County UW-Extension offers pressure canner testing free of charge.  Please bring your lid to our office between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  When staffing allows, we can usually conduct the test while you wait.

 UW Extension Food Preservation Publications

The following publications are available for free download using the links below, or print copies can be obtained for a fee at the Learning Store.

Canning Fruits Safely
Canning Meat Wild Game
Canning Salsa
Canning Vegetables Safely
Homemade Pickles
Freezing Fruits
Making Jams, Jellies
Safe Preserving – Jams & Jellies now in PINT jars
Safe Preserving – Time-Saving Tips
Safe Preserving – Apples, the Best of the Fall Harvest
Using Clear Jel (a useful factsheet by Washington State University)
Access the complete list of publications in our overview brochure here.

Need food preservation supplies, equipment or parts? Download this Home Food Preservation Supplies & Equipment list compiled by Dr. Barbara Ingham, Food Science Professor University of Wisconsin Madison.

Want to know what other publications are available?  Check out this link: Preserving Wisconsin’s Harvest

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