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Arts & Culture in Sauk County – why is it important?

Only three of Wisconsin’s seventy-two counties support an Arts and Culture program. Two of those are the state’s most populous – Milwaukee and Dane counties. The other is a rural surprise – Sauk County, population ~65,000.

Question: Is there merit in supporting ‘soft’ causes like Arts & Culture when hard budget decisions have to be made?

(An) answer: If leaders are committed to inspiring pride of place, promoting progress and establishing Sauk County as a remarkable and desirable place to live and work, the answer is yes.

Arts and culture are about more than performances and pretty things. If Arts and culture seem ‘soft,’ consider that they use similar processes and seek answers to some of the same questions as innovation and entrepreneurship: ‘What if?’  ‘Why not?’ and ‘How to?’

Without creativity, there is neither art nor culture. Without creativity, there is no innovation. Without creativity, affinity for the ‘same old’ becomes an anchor to advancement. Seeing new patterns, solving problems, willingness to try new stuff – the core of creativity – cannot happen if the community culture is unaccustomed to experiencing change as a fresh new view.

Sauk County’s longstanding support of Arts & Culture (since 1997) sends a message – to residents, to visitors, to other counties – that we value innovation, creative expression, and the willingness to try stuff. It is a statement of visionary leadership, support of possibility and commitment to progress.

Arts and Culture Aren’t an Elitist Extravagance.  They’re Essential to American Life. 

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