Home and Community Education (HCE)

Home & Community Education (HCE)

Sauk County has 12 clubs within the county who’s goal is to provide education, develop and improve leaders, build coalitions with other organizations and agencies, and to promote friendship and understanding with all people of the world.

Sauk County HCE Executive Board

President- Donna Ochsner    dochsner47@gmail.com
Programming Planning- Kathie Faivre      kathiefaivre@yahoo.com
VP For Family and Community Life- Ellen Schroeder     seschro@rucls.net
Secretary- Sharon Vertein
Treasurer- Cheri Reinhart     crhim27@frontier.com

SCAHCE Upcoming Events

Get Ready, Get Set, Garden! Seminar Saturday, March 25 at the West Square Building, 505 Broadway, Baraboo, WI.  Call 608-355-3250 for details or for a brochure.

SCAHCE Newsletters


SCAHCE Clubs and Presidents

Communicators- (2nd Thursday) Sylvia Kriegl
Diamond Hill- (2nd Thursday) Angela Filip
Mirror Lake- (3rd Monday) Cheri Rhinehart
Mirror Lake- (3rd Monday) Cheri Rhinehart
Pleasant Valley- 2nd Thursday) Sharon Terry

Elder Ridge- (3rd Monday) Lerna Mae Wiese
Prairie View- (3rd Tuesday) Janey Klipp
Reedsburg City ‘N’ County- (2nd Thursday) Linda Borleske
Wheelerburg- (3rd Monday) Connie Meyer

Sauk Prairie and Spring Green: 
Harrisburg- (3rd Monday) Ellen Ederer
Leland- (3rd Monday) Harolyn Petzke
Lucky Homemakers- (2nd Monday) Rhoda Barden
Witwen- (3rd Monday) Dawn Rasque

SCAHCE Programs and Projects

Lynn’s Legacy provides bags of goodies for radiology and chemotherapy patients in Sauk County.

The gift bags include personal-care items such as lotions, sanitizers, lip balm, baby shampoo, and foot cream – products that are fragrance and alcohol-free. This makes them safe for patients who have weakened immune systems due to treatments. Knitted, crocheted, or sewn scarves or caps are included in the bags as well.

If you or anyone dear to you is currently in treatment and has not received one of these bags, please contact Shirley Vorndran, Lynn’s Legacy Chairperson, at 608-522-4916 or  UW-Extension at  608-355-3250.